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Ocean Rudee & Company

What is OR&CO?

Ocean Rudee & Company is
"Bringing Children’s Books to Life!”
with educational audio theatre and multi-media
entertainment programs in order to directly improve
the lives of kids and young families.

Transmedia Brand Development

OR&CO, as a multi-media entertainment business, is focused on the production, manufacturing, distribution and syndication of a variety of licensed character-based broadcast media and consumer goods product lines. The intellectual property upon which the brand-identity has been built consists of a fictional set of characters – both human and animal – and their audio and visual representations.

The Main Characters

Ocean Rudee is a mythical - and yet surprisingly very real, lively and lovable - Lighthouse Keeper. He lives
- “Way out on a windswept seacoast..." with his dog Sandollar, his kitty FableCat and a feisty parrot named Chaco. In a nearby fishing village lives the rest of the Ocean Rudee & Company Crew including: Barnacle Babs, Cap'n Whaley, SalliJane Peters, Gus Logan, Angelica Garcia, Koichi Tojima, Aileen MacDonald, Squashblossom, and many more...

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Meet The Ocean Rudee Crew
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Meet the Ocean Rudee Crew
How it Works

In each weekly episode of the audio theatre series (to be distributed via terrestrial radio and digital broadcast media channels) Ocean Rudee reads aloud to his audience of 4 to 8-year-old girls and boys from highly acclaimed children's storybooks (see Ocean Rudee’s FAVs Book List).

And, he’s far more than a simple narrator. He leads young and old alike on Imagination Travelin' adventures, each magically brought to life by the talented ensemble of actors and actresses - the Ocean Rudee & Company Players - who create multi-voiced characterizations, original music, sound effects, and related audio enhancements specific to each storyline.

Whether he's going to Barnacle Babs' fish market for fresh seafood or Koichi Tojima's hardware store for lumber and supplies, there's always time to stop and read his buddies 'another great book' from his Lighthouse Tower Library.

Multi-Media Means Multiple Product Lines

Subsidiary multi-media product lines – for wholesale and/or retail distribution in the domestic and international marketplace
  may include:

1.  A 30minute weekly audio theatre program (to be broadcast on the Internet, as well as commercial broadcast radio stations in the United States and abroad) which has been developed exclusively for the purpose of bringing children's books to life.

2.  Audio CD and/or Video/DVD compilations of each ‘Season’ of the serial dramatic audio theatre programs. Along with individually re-packaged audio and/or video/DVD versions of select children’s books previously featured on the weekly audio theatre series of programs.

3.  An age appropriate interactive online World Wide Web site (designed and created especially for 4 to 8-year old boys and girls and their families ) in order to promote their interest in books, reading, reading-aloud, literacy and the increased usage of their imaginations - Imagination Travelin'.

4.  Ocean Rudee Imagination TravelKit/ORITK products will include a book-within-a-book format utilizing illustrations of the Ocean Rudee & Company characters enacting the audio theatre storylines portrayed in each product, along with a copy of the featured children’s literature selection. ORITK’s will be created in a variety of interactive formats designed to engage young children in educational and motivational types of activities.

5.  Educational materials, i.e. – audio CD’s, digital video/DVD’s, ORITK interactive book-within-a-book products, etc., all with accompanying state standards approved classroom and/or curriculum-based resource materials built around the ongoing adventures undertaken by the Ocean Rudee & Company cast of characters.

6.  Animated feature-length 'Imagination TravelVision' television programming content focused around the life and times of Ocean Rudee & Company’s cast of characters will be developed and produced as demand within the marketplace occurs.

7.  Educational software programming content, which utilizes the Ocean Rudee & Company cast of characters, will be licensed for development as demand within the marketplace occurs.

8.  A wide-ranging number of licensed consumer goods will be produced - both directly by OR&CO as well as by a large number of third-party Licensees. These products will range from clothing, graphics items, sundries, and children’s/young family lifestyle products to… whatever the marketplace demands and OR&CO is willing to license.

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Imagination Travelin' is What?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and
understand, while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there ever will be to know and understand."

-- Albert Einstein

It can safely be said that Albert Einstein knew 'a thing or two'. His belief in the power and importance of imagination fuels the initiatives behind Ocean Rudee & Company in more ways than one.

Here's some of the ways we describe things that happen in the imaginary world of Ocean Rudee & Company...

1.  One goes Imagination Travelin' when listening to or viewing Ocean Rudee & Company multi-media products.

2.  An Imagination Traveler is a person, young or old, who listens to Ocean Rudee & Company on the radio, over the Internet or via OR&CO audio CD's or DVD’s.

3.  Events that bring a person to relax their everyday awareness (e.g. listening to stories, watching the flames in a fireplace, listening to the sea) can move us into Active Imagination, ergo take us Imagination Travelin'.


Why is Reading-aloud Important?

"The single most important activity for building
the knowledge required for eventual success
in reading - is reading aloud to children."
-- Commission on Reading
of the National Academy of Education

We believe that there are many things that are important about reading-aloud to young children (just ask any good K-3rd grade classroom teacher - if you don't believe us). Here are just 5 facts, advantages and benefits about how Ocean Rudee and Company's ability to read-aloud some of the best children's literature in the world will have an impact on our listeners.

Fact #1 - Ocean Rudee & Company is a multi-media program targeted to kids and young families, which features read-aloud renditions of popular children's literature.

Advantage #1 - Reading-aloud enhances children's interest in reading, increases their ability to learn how to read and showcases books as sources of pleasure and information.

Benefit #1 - Knowing how to read opens a gateway to the whole of human knowledge through the use of books, visual media and the World Wide Web.

Fact #2 - As Ocean Rudee reads aloud to his audience they are continually exposed to new words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and storylines.

Advantage #2 - Young listeners will consistently add more and more words, concepts and understandings to their base vocabularies. 

Benefit #2 - Reading skills are enhanced when written words receive oral reinforcement.

Fact #3 - Reading-aloud books about other cultures and traditions on Ocean Rudee & Company will increase the number and variety of a child's schema, and concomitantly their retained knowledge, awareness of others and base of experience.

Advantage #3 - Increased tolerance, self-acceptance and improved communication skills are a direct result of increased knowledge and experience.

Benefit #3 - Providing children with new and varied schemata increases their ability to comprehend complex social issues and successfully interact with others in diverse social environments.

Fact #4 - Listening to read-aloud stories on Ocean Rudee & Company will stimulate children's imaginations in a different manner from television or predominately visual media.

Advantage #4 - Kids become better thinkers and problem solvers by creating, innovating, and articulating for themselves within their own imaginations the people, places and events in Ocean Rudee's read-aloud stories and radio theatre adventures.

Benefit #4 - An increase in problem solving skills and a greater awareness of multiple solutions to problems (and how to attain them) will result in happier, healthier young people.

Fact #5 - Listening to read-aloud stories on Ocean Rudee & Company will directly improve children’s listening skills, cognitive and comprehension abilities.

Advantage #5 - Improved listening skills provide children with the ability to attain greater comprehension and understanding of their immediate surroundings.

Benefit #5 - When children understand what's going on around them their abilities to maintain positive relationships and effective social interactions with others are greatly increased.

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Please obtain written permission prior to any duplication, usage, reproduction and/or re-transmission of same.

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Sebastopol, CA

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